About Dandy Class

In the interactive group sessions we’ll go though the basics of a wardrobe. We’ll talk about inspiration, resources and the practical implementation of building your wardrobe with these things in mind. We’ll cover wearing hats, pairing ties and shirts, integrating color and color coordination. We’ll talk vintage and best practices for buying/maintaining pieces and how to achieved certain looks with modern brands. 

In the one-on-one class, I’ll be working with you to define your style, develop looks that speak to your personality and work for your daily life. We’ll go through your existing wardrobe, examine each piece individually and as part of a whole. We’ll build wishlists, digital mood boards and pull on fashion inspirations to plan how your wardrobe could look. Finally we'll put together your wardrobe from basics for everyday to dressing for business to formal occasions, and more. Along the way, I’ll teach you tips and tricks I’ve learned from of developing my own style.

Building a wardrobe from the ground up isn’t about buying the hottest trends or wearing the look from a mannequin. It’s about developing a collection of clothes that are personal, practical and work together cohesively. Creating a cohesive style takes time and effort but with patience and guidance, it will be very rewarding.

If this sounds like what you've always needed to fully express yourself through your clothes, click the button and let’s take the next step together.


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